Going Beyond 3D Visualization

Multidimensional Approaches to Cultural Heritage Studies.
Webinaret foregår 4.juni og arrangeres av Kulturhistorisk museum, UiO.

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(Preliminary program)
09:00 Ingrid Louise Flatval 

Chair: Espen Uleberg
09:10 Nicolo Dell'Unto and Espen Uleberg BItFROST
09:30 Alexis Pantos Reflections on photographic documentation in archaeology
09:50 Paola Derudas and Federico Nurra Using a CH collections publishing platform to produce archaeological interactive reports: new A.I.R. for archaeologists.
10:10 Letizia Bonelli 3D at Museum of Cultural History
10:30 Erik Kjellman Digitizing at the Arctic museum
10:50 Discussion

Chair: Susan Braovac
11:10 Håkan Thoren Documentation and maintenance of a 17th century ship   
11:30 Bjarte Aarseth 3D-scanning like a microscope 
11:50 Marco Callieri Fontana del Nettuno
12:10 Giacomo Landeschi Re-viewing the past: examining integrated computational methods to explore visuality and its archaeological meaning
12:30 Discussion

12:50 Lunch

Chair: Mieko Matsumoto
13:30 Justin Kimball and Christian Rødsrud Sieving through voxels: CT-scanning for the survey and reconstruction of the Gjellestad ship
13:50 Jani Causevic 3D documentation of the Medieval town Oslo - one method many solutions
14:10 Magne Samdal Droner til fotogrammetri og multispektrale analyser ved KHM
14:30 Erich Nau The Svea project
14:50 Magnus Tangen Helleristninger på Østlandet
15:10: Peter Jensen TBA
15:30 Discussion