Climate in museums

Welcome to an open webinar on choices, decisions and planning processes around climate in museums.Creating good storage conditions for the cultural heritage is a complex topic, and a lot is happening around this.

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Presentations will be held in Norwegian and English.

12:15 INGRID LOUISE FLATVAL, head of section: Welcome

12:30 SUSAN BRAOVAC, conservator, MCH: Introduction

13:00 GURO HJULSTAD, conservator and DAVID HAUER, PhD fellow, MCH: Klimastrategi for nytt vikingtidsmuseum

13:30 IDA BRYN, Head of department, Erichsen & Horgen AS: Ventilation and humidification in historic buildings: Strategies to preserve both building and objects within


14:30 KARI GREVE, head of collection management, National museum in Oslo: Planning climate conditions in the new National Museum

15:00 EVA STOREVIK TVEIT, conservator, Munch Museum: Klimaverdier i det nye Munch museet

15:30 NICOLÓ DELL'UNTO, Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University: Crossing Boundaries and Mixing Perspectives: The use of 3D technology for observing, analyzing and understanding


17:00 ASHLEY FREEMAN, PhD fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Mechanical testing of materials

17:30 MICHAŁ ŁUKOMSKI, Head of the Preventive Conservation research; VINCENT LAUDATO BELTRAN, senior scientist and ANNELIES COSAERT, professional fellow, Getty Conservation Institute: Managing the museum environment: Updated 2019 ASHRAE chapter and expanded analysis of T & RH data

18:30 SUM UP. Q & A

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