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Fourth international conferance on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The Swedish National Heritage Board are honoured to host the 4th international conference for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), in collaboration with Nationalmuseum, Swedish Museum of Natural History and Swedish National Archives, in Stockholm, Sweden, 21–23 May 2019.

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Tema for konferansen:

Communicating IPM

Raising awareness of IPM is perhaps the most important single factor for reducing pest problems. The session explores innovative and creative ways of teaching, training, explaining and implementing IPM in musem, libraries, archives and historic houses.

IPM in the era of globalisation

How can we deal with the pest problem as the world becomes smaller? This session highlights how the cultural heritage community is responding: researching treatment methods, finding innovative solutions to detect, identify and treat species formerly unknown, prioritising risk assessments and organising IPM in their institutions.

IPM in a changing climate

Mean temperatures are rising. How can the cultural heritage community meet the challenges posed by elevated temperatures, fluctuating humidity and other changing environmental factors? How do we deal with insect pests and mould growth that are adapting fast to a changing climate? This session demonstrates some approaches such as increased monitoring and management.

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