CIDOC Summer School 2017

CIDOC (ICOM International Committee for Documentation) arrangerer sommerkurs in Texas med tematikken Museumsdokumentasjon; Prinsipper og praksis (Museum Documentation, Principles and Practice). Deltagelse via Internett er mulig.

OBS: Påmelding innen 17. juni.

Intended both for experienced museum personnel and for newcomers to the field of museum documentation, the programme brings together established experts - members of CIDOC and university faculty - with documentation professionals seeking guidance and training. The CIDOC Summer School takes place annually, at different locations, and is offered in a variety languages.

CIDOC Summer School Introduction
  • CIDOC Summer School (Foto/Photo)
    Deltagelse i kjerneprogrammet i CIDOCs studier kan lede til et sertifiseringbevis fra ICOM/CIDOC. ICOM/CIDOC (Bilde 1 av 2)
  • CIDOC Summer School Welcome (Foto/Photo)
    CIDOS Summer School 2017 med temaet Museum Documentation, Principles and Practice. ICOM/CIDOC (Bilde 2 av 2)

For more information about CIDOC Summer School Training at the Museum of Texas Tech University, contact Nicky Ladkin <>, local coordinator, or Nicholas Crofts <>, chair of the CIDOC Training Association